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petek, 23. november 2007

Training day

Roj in action



Julka & Izi

Roj & Čedo

Petra thinking

Čedo- only for the girls :)

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sreda, 14. november 2007

My music...

The IRO Mission Readiness Test

Some ruins that our dogs had to search during the IRO test..

ponedeljek, 12. november 2007

The IRO Mission Readiness Test for Disaster Search Dogs

We made it! This weekend Lan and I became members of the IRO international disaster team. The testing was hard but we once again proved that we are one of the best teams. Great job Lan I'm proud of you :)

Petra Prebeg with Čila and Čedo Joksimovič as team leader were also successful and made it into the international IRO team. I'm so happy for them!

Report and some pictures soon at www.klub-vrpk.si

četrtek, 1. november 2007


I'm going to Paklenica this weekend-again :). Climbing, climbing, climbing... Hope to shoot some nice pictures.